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Rustic Maple Leaves and Mason Jars Fall Wedding Invitation

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  WEDDING INVITATION WORDING: WHAT TO WRITE ON WEDDING INVITATIONS There’s no shortage of etiquette rules when it comes to formal  wedding invitations  wording, and if you’re going all-out traditional, it’s important to get it right.  formal dresses online Even if you’re adding a healthy dose of personal style (which you should always do – no matter how formal your day is), understanding the basics will give you a good starting point, and you can fine-tune from there. Here we break down the  elements of formal wedding invitations  and give you some tips on wording along the way.   The host / invitational line Begin with the names of those hosting the wedding. Everyone’s situation here differs, so go with whatever suits yours best. Need some guidance? Check out our  Q&A on different wording situations . A simple way to make sure everyone feels included is to invite the guests yourselves, and mention both families. Request line The request line depends on the type of venue you are ge

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Avoid these wedding invitation mistakes - here's what not to include in your invitation wording!



  This year has been strange, April felt like it had six hundred days, we skipped June and woke up in August. But that doesn’t stop love. People are still getting engaged and booking their wedding dates later in the year or even in 2021. Most wedding vendors suspended client meetings and studio consultations due to the government regulations. Which means the only type of communication you will have with your vendors are over the phone, via email or online chat. As experts in online wedding business, the Paperlust team pulls out some important tips for everyone arranging a wedding while stuck at home.  formal dresses for women 1.  REDUCE YOUR GUEST LIST If restrictions are still tight and you can’t postpone your wedding to a much later date, try reducing your guest list to the venue’s capacity limit. Have an intimate wedding with the closest and most important people in your lives to witness your big day. It can be a hard thing to do but friends and family members will understand that s