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Whether you’re artsy or not, there’s no denying that calligraphy wedding invitations are stunning. A hand script font  just screams luxury wedding invitations . They are a way to add an incredibly personal and creative touch to your special day and reflect just how much this day means to you and your partner. WHAT ARE CALLIGRAPHY INVITES? Wedding invitations  calligraphy style are invites with decorative handwriting or  handwritten lettering , usually in black. Calligraphy is an art – and usually requires a calligrapher for hire (unless you happen to be friends with one). Often calligraphy wedding invitations cost an arm and a leg, but they don’t have to if you play it smart. Stay tuned for details on how to get world class custom invitations at affordable prices. WHY DO PEOPLE LOVE THEM? People are so enamored with hand calligraphy font on their invitations because it adds an extra element of elegance and uniqueness to your day and shows people that you really

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bridesmaid dresses under 100 It’s here! The ultimate list of party theme ideas to keep you inspired for your next event. Whether you’re looking for kids birthday party ideas,  birthday invitations  or something a little more mature, there’s something on the list for you. We’ve gathered 70 categories to get you started on choosing a theme, but most of them open up a whole bunch of sub-categories (Vintage? That could be any decade!). We’ve chosen not to break the list up into kids and adults, because being age-appropriate is really more about how you apply the theme. KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS For a kids party, take the themes literally and get really whimsical with your decorations and activities. Have everyone dress in costume and incorporate party games that fit the theme. Food can be themed as well as decorations. If you’re having a safari-themed party, for example, have kids come dressed for a safari, hand out toy binoculars and safari hats, and decorate with animal-the

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bridesmaid dresses under 100 A baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate this precious time of pregnancy. Gather all your friends and loved ones with a theme that truly resonates with you. Rather than getting stuck in the rut of cliché baby showers (accompanied by somewhat cringe-worthy games) host a baby shower to remember – for all the right reasons. 1. BABY Q SHOWER A baby q invitation is just a catchy way for saying baby shower bbq. If you’re chilled out and just want a casual event in the backyard or at your local park, a bbq baby shower is for you. Depending on where you’re from, baby que ideas (AKA baby q ideas) could include Southern fried chicken, red and white plaid decorations, some smokin’ pig or snags on the barbie and backyard cricket. A baby bbq shower is a fantastic setting for a coed baby gathering, including both girls and guys, and your babyq invitations could match the colour scheme or a decorating pattern. Coed baby bbq invitations don’t h

Looking for a beautiful wedding invitation psd templates? Here are best Wedding Invitation PSD Templates which bring freshness and life to your wedding event

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beach cover ups SEPTEMBER 4, 2017  •  BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS  •  VIEWS: 1814  •  BY  MADDISON WALLACE Teen birthday parties are so fun, but it can be hard to find invitations that fit since many invites are designed for little kids or for adults (parents probably aren’t going to be happy if their teenager brings home an invitation that’s got alcohol as part of the design). Luckily, we’ve got you covered on Paperlust. Our designers have created a whole lot of  birthday invitation templates  for teenagers to choose from. All our birthday invitation templates are completely customisable on site, so you can make sure that your design perfectly fits what you want. Our interactive design tool lets you drag and drop design components and see exactly what your changes will look like in real time. Here are our top ten Paperlust birthday invitation templates for teenagers. 1. MIRROR FRAME This white ink birthday invitation was designed by Gema A. and was inspired by…w

We Love: Laser Cut Wedding Invitations @4lovepolkadots

We Love: Laser Cut Wedding Invitations @4lovepolkadots


PLANNING AN 18TH PARTY (OR ATTENDING ONE!): YOUR 18TH BIRTHDAY IDEAS bridesmaid dresses under 100 Turning 18 is one of the most exciting times in your life, and for many people, hunting the internet for 18th birthday ideas becomes a hobby during this time. When your 18 th  birthday party is approaching, making sure that you have the perfect party and the most original 18th birthday party ideas is extremely important. For a lot of people, the 18 th  birthday is one of the most important milestone birthdays of all, since it represents a child finally moving into adulthood. It’s a wonderful moment, and it has to be celebrated the right way. This is why people are always on the hunt for the best 18th birthday ideas. When planning an 18th birthday party, you need to think about the following things: FIND A THEME FOR YOUR PARTY Not all 18th birthday parties are the same, and what sets them apart is typically the choice of 18th party ideas for theme or activity.  If you want you