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cheap wedding dresses uk under £100 Instead of the traditional invitation, some couples prefer to write an invitation letter. There are different reasons to choose this option and it doesn’t necessarily have to be sent to every wedding guest. Below we give some tips on format and have even provided a sample wedding invitation letter for you to follow, should you choose this option. How to write a wedding invitation letter is probably easier than you think!   WHY CHOOSE AN INVITATION LETTER? An invitation letter for your wedding might not seem much different from a normal invitation, so why bother? For starters, it’s a great way to stand out from other  wedding invitations . Wedding invitation letters are at the same time more formal and more personal than normal invitations. With the internet takeover, it’s very rare for most people to receive anything in the mail other than junk or a bill, so a letter really adds to the significance of this occasion. A wedding let


traditional chinese wedding dresses Kids and themed birthday parties go together like…well, kids and their favourite characters. Whether it’s Frozen or Mincraft, you know what we’re talking about. You’ve got the DVDs, read the books, played the games, bought the toys and coloured in the colouring books. What’s next but to host a birthday party themed around their favourite show, movie or game? A superhero themed birthday party, Paw Patrol themed party or other party themed around a kids tv or film character can sometimes give parents mixed feelings. The thought of your kid’s face on the big day? Totally priceless. The thought of cheap invitations, paper plates and decorations covered with the same pictures of the same characters? Less inspiring. Thankfully, themed  birthday invitations  have come a long way from those tear-off notepads from the $2 shop.  Children’s birthday invitations can be works of art . The magic of the internet and the creativity of artists everywhere


chic dresses uk Spring is known as one of the most popular wedding seasons and if your wedding is this spring then you already have everything planned out, however, if you are having a spring wedding in 2017 it is good to plan ahead. With so many different designs circulating, you may find it hard to put a finger on which  Australian wedding invitations  will suit your day best. Lately brides from all around the world are opting for season appropriate wedding sets. Spring is the ultimate reprieve from the icy months so it’s great to see loads of colour appearing. FLORAL Firstly, you might think floral is a bit too matchy-matchy or run of the mill for a spring wedding but I can’t think of a better way  to tie the knot and welcome new beginnings with the new bloom of flowers . And guys don’t be discouraged there are floral lovelies that will suit each and every wedding day. BEACHY The beachy look is a great for a spring time invitation  with blue watercolour standi