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chic dresses uk Deciding upon your wedding invitation printing technique is no easy feat. Printing options are vast and with so many possibilities it can be difficult to whittle down your options. When deliberating  wedding invitation ideas , the actual process of printmaking may not be at the forefront of your mind. There are so many other things to take into consideration: perhaps you are looking for a specific style, theme or location, and have become set on finding a Brisbane wedding invitation vendor who creates vintage look wedding cards, for example. This sounds more than specific enough, but it’s actually overlooking one of the most important factors!  Wedding invitations  bridge the gap between you and your guests, so the message they portray is of high importance. Each of the various printing methods conveys a different sentiment; traditional or cutting-edge, sophisticated or fun, formal or casual, extravagant or elegant. Although the range of printing techniques i
semiformaldress YOUR WEDDING STATIONERY CHECKLIST So bogged down in wedding paraphernalia that you can’t tell your rsvp cards from your table plans, your menus from your  thank you cards , bridesmaid dresses from tablecloths, and Sydney from Melbourne? We can help (at least with the stationery part!). We’ve put together this handy wedding cards  stationery checklist to get things in order . You by no means have to include everything on the list, but it’s good to consider all options as some may be more suitable to the kind of celebration that you’re planning.  Wedding stationery  really does set the tone for the event, as well as building heaps of excitement in the lead-up, so you want to get it spot on. Before the Big Day Be My Bridesmaid/Groomsman cards Every bride needs her best girlfriends around for help and support both during and leading up to the wedding. They will witness all the ups and downs of planning a wedding, as well as making sure your inner Bridezill