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Our Blush & Gold Wedding Save the Dates

After a surprising popular demand for wedding content, I’ve decided to write a series of wedding blog posts between now and after our wedding (147 days to go), to share what I’ve learnt along the way with other brides to be; and this is the first instalment. Our Wedding Save the Dates.
They say your the style of clothes you have in your wardrobe reflects your interior style, mine definitely does, Dalmatian print, blush, neutrals, gold, and I think the same can be said for your wedding colour theme. I don’t want to give too much away about our big day but those of you that know me well for blush and gold around our home will not be surprised by our (mostly my) choice of save the dates.

The wonderfully talented team at E.Y.I.LOVE Stationery whipped these up for us and I could not have dreamt up more beautiful save the dates. E.Y.I.LOVE offer a huge range of collections to choose from and you can customise each collection with colours, gilt edging, custom wax seals – you name it. Or you can go completely bespoke if you want something particular. We chose the Chloe collection in blush with gold gilt edging and gold foil lettering. Zero regrets, they were absolutely perfect. Now I’m obsessing over their entire perspex range for the actual wedding… oh and the vellum… dreamy.

I really wanted to apply the wax seals myself to add a personal touch – it’s something I’ve always wanted to try and I’m so pleased I did. You can get sticker wax seals if you want to save time and don’t fancy doing the wax melting process but it was part of the fun for me. There are wax seal stamps available in the UK, but typically, I fell in love with one that was only available from the US – the Artisaire ‘With Love’ Wax Seal Stamp. I did my research and chose to buy a sealing wax gun (basically a hot glue gun but for wax) to apply the wax rather than melting wax candles – applying them this way helps save wastage on wax as it’s easier to apply the right amount and easier to control where you apply the wax too, and it’s much quicker too which is good to know when you have 100 envelopes to get through. If you do get a sealing wax gun, make sure the wax sticks that you get are designed to fit your sealing wax gun – I got our blush sealing wax from the same company to be sure. After a teeny bit of practice (it’s really easy to get the knack so don’t worry about that – I’ve popped a video below to show just how easy) they came out beautifully. 95% of our save the dates arrived with our family and friends perfectly, a few of the wax seals, unfortunately, got damaged in the postal system – they almost looked melted, so if you do go for wax seals, I would recommend putting your invites in another envelope to hopefully avoid this!

Really hope you enjoyed the first wedding instalment, I’ll be back soon with more wedding spam! As always, do let me know in the comments below if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see!


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