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Boxed  wedding invitations  are the perfect way to add an extra special dimension to the most memorable day of your life. Do you want your invitation set to stand out to your guests amongst the many weddings they attend over the years? Then create a memorable experience for when they receive and open your invitation – their first introduction to your personal wedding style. A boxed wedding invite gives the overall impression of unwrapping a gift – your loved ones will feel honoured that you went to so much effort to include them in this significant life event. We have rounded up the most popular styles of boxed wedding invitations for this year so that all the stationery inspiration you need is in one place. Check out what’s been making guests ooh and ahh when their invitation arrives in the mail. MOUNTAIN GETAWAY Opening a simple yet stylish box to reveal a stunning mountain scene is a great way to receive the details of your loved one’s wedding day. Wedding invitatio

Brides of North Texas: 70’s Inspired

Custom Wedding Invitations DFW / 70s-Inspired Suite Did you check out the latest issue of  Brides of North Texas  yet? Now’s your chance! It’s a key inspirational resource for brides-to-be, and the perfect way to connect with top-notch local vendors. You can find the magazine soon at Barnes & Noble, or stop by the  Brides of North Texas website  to have one delivered right to your doorstep. As I mentioned, I really pushed the envelope ( Ha—get it? Okay, okay—I know, that was bad! ) this season. I ventured away from my signature aesthetic to create invitation suites that would stand out as unique designs, make an impact in print, and really capture the theme of each shoot. When I received word that I would be collaborating on a 1970’s-inspired suite, I was over the moon. I  love  groovy 70s vibes, in everything from music and movie costumes to graphic design. Lots of people commented that this would be a tough theme, but I had no reservations about diving headfirst int


Choosing your wedding stationery can be a minefield. We’re not just talking  wedding invitations online , but the whole shebang –  save the date cards ,  rsvp cards ,  thank you cards  and all the rest. You’ve also got to consider reception items  such as wedding place cards  and wedding favours… and this is all before the complexities of who to invite, where to seat them, how many to invite, and whether plus-ones are allowed! Although it may be tempting to go running for the hills, bear with us. Wedding correspondence is what builds the bridge between your guests and the big day itself. Once you’ve nailed your wedding cards, the rest will be a breeze. FINDING YOUR THEME The theme. Where do we start? Deciding on a theme can be overwhelming with so many ideas buzzing round both your own head and the Internet, but it is a crucial element to wedding planning. With sites likes  Pinterest  overflowing with out-of-this-world  wedding photos  and I-wish-I-thought-of-that ideas, you m


The host line on your  wedding invitations  (i.e. who requests your guests’ presence) indicates who is paying for, (or hosting in a more general sense) your wedding.  Whether your hosting situation is traditional or far from it, these  wedding invitation wording  examples will help you figure out how best position that tricky wording conundrum. WEDDING INVITATION WORDING EXAMPLES: WHAT TO WRITE ON WEDDING INVITATIONS How do I word my wedding invitations when… How to write wedding invitations if – The bride’s parents are hosting? Married couples typically follow the following format: Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Sutton Request the honour of your presence at the marriage of David Cannon to their daughter Sarah Gilbert Married couples with different surnames can be written as: Ms. Silvia Marie Goetsch and Mr. John Robert Sutton How to write wedding invitations if – The groom’s parents are hosting? Example 1 (formal) Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cannon Request the