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Sunflowers are beautiful and at the moment, sunflower wedding invitations are the in thing for brides. They are choice perennials for brides because of what they connote, which are longevity, adoration, and loyalty. Wedding invitations with sunflowers are bright and in addition to its other qualities, are marriage blessings.
This year 2019, the search for wedding invitations sunflower design topped Google’s highest point scale. More brides are searching to use them, as they are a combination of modern and traditional beauty. We’ve seen sunflowers as embellishments for floral arrangements, cakes, bouquets, and centerpieces.
Wedding stationers joined in on sunflower train by creating stunning wedding invitations sunflower design. We found sunflower framed invites, watercolor wreathes sunflowers, navy blue, and green sunflower wedding pocket invite and more. All of them come off in creative blends and designs to stun.
These are handmade wedding invitations sunflowers blooms from creative watercolor.

The combination gets layered with a country straw card which creates the border. It forms a blended outcome suite for bridal shower, wedding, reception and rehearsal dinner. Sunflower blooms invites are chic and have the rustic charm. You can also take this theme and spread it across your day. From tables numbers to centerpieces, bouquet, and floral arrangements. You’d never go wrong with this in a fall wedding.
  • Sunflowers Watercolor Wreath

Sunflower wedding invitations with watercolor wreath are quite laid back and refreshing. They get to the height of the maker’s creativity and connecting to guests at the wedding.

These are cheap sunflower wedding invitations that have artistic renditions to them. The combination of green foliage and watercolor created sunflower produces a wreath that hypnotizes. This brings with it a rustic and bohemian flavor that carries through the whole wedding suite. You can custom make them into varieties of shapes, photos, short texts, and sizes. This invitation gets created from flat-card stock.
  • Woodland Invite

This sunflower bridal invitation design is the brainchild of a designer from Atlanta. This designer captures rustic woodland nature with accuracy from a whimsical dimension.

There is a touch of animations, as the cartoon feel draws us in. We see lots of pine cones, foxes, sunflowers and so much interesting features. It has a round shaped edge with a circular pattern which makes it stand out. This invitation is perfect for couples who only want sunflowers as an adornment to the rustic decor. And not as the main backdrop.
  • Sunflower Pocket Folder Wedding Invitations

This is a perfect of blue and sunflower wedding invite. It’s appealing for summer weddings, as the sunflower is in bloom. If you plan on having a backyard, beach, nautical or destination wedding, this is it.

The pocket folder and invite are customizable. The folder holds one reply card. In this pocket folder, you can include itinerary details, map cards, accommodation details, and asides invitations.
A perfect basic sunflower wedding invitation, this framed invite is unconventional. It’s the ideal design for rustic or whimsical weddings. It’s not too busy and comes off as basic and traditional.

This wedding invitation lends credence to the phrase that “less is more.” They do a great job of balancing diverse fonts with the sunflower motif. You’re at liberty to customize fonts, texts to your taste.
  • Mason Jar And Vintage Sunflower

Embrace the old world charm with this appealing Mason jar and vintage sunflower invitation. It is simple, laid back, with subtle energy that sends all the messages of the country.
Ideal for rustic, whimsical, farm, barn and country wedding in general. This is the first message a guest gets on sighting this style of wedding invitation. Don’t go for the normal light paper square edge known with invites. Step up by using the scalloped or the rounded edge for the invites. And to make a statement with the tone and feel of the card, use the heavyweight paper.
  • Sunflower Suite And Watercolor Blue

This is a sunflower bridal watercolor wedding invitation by a rated Etsy designer. We mean multiple five-star ratings from many reviews.

This wedding invitation is printable and ideal for DIY couples. The wedding invite is a combination of creativity, artistic mastery, and bold colors. They give a pop to the invite and jump off them into your face. This gives the sunflower watercolor suite a seamless and balanced stationery look. You can perhaps print them by yourself at home. But to avoid havoc, send them to a professional printer.
Sunflower wedding invitations ideas get better by the day. The creativity is top notch and brides are buying into it. If you found this post, then you’re also on the sunflower train. Sunflowers can do more than adorn cakes and make tablescapes. They make perfect sunflower save the dates and wedding invitations. See 7 ideas, make your pick and spread brightness all over your big day.


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