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A Minted Wedding Invitations Review (aka What We Honestly Think of the Competition…)

This is just a super honest review of my experience with  Minted wedding invitations  (ahem, the competition). This post is in no way sponsored by Minted, so I can give it to you 100% straight. As a small-scale wedding stationery company, we’re always getting emails from couples who want quality invites without blowing their entire wedding budget. We always do our best to stretch your budget the furthest, but even so, custom designs just aren’t in the cards for everyone. And although it might be considered “bad for business”, if you’re one of those couples, I want to refer you somewhere I  know  can meet your needs at a lower price point. Before I started recommending Minted, I put ‘em through the ringer to make sure they live up to the hype and have a product that  I  would order if I were a bride. I tested their papers, tried out different colors and print selections, and put their high-end options to the test, just like I do for my own clients. (And I actually spent my own

Vintage wedding invites ideas 68+ ideas

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A wedding is the most magical day of a couple’s life together. If any memory deserves to be preserved in style, it’s the moment you say ‘I do’ and formalise your lifelong commitment to each other in front of family and friends. What better way to keep the memories alive than a wedding album or wedding photo book? MODERN AND MINIMAL Want the ideal coffee table book, sure to remain completely timeless? Join the many happy couples creating their own wedding albums online. It’s easy, personalised and comes complete with clean and modern styling. A great way to keep wedding photo albums looking fresh over the years is to stick to a sleek minimalist design like the one above. The beauty of going through a website that prints on demand is that your parents or grandparents can also order a copy. Make all these memory capsules with the minimum effort on your part – win! CUSTOMISED YET AFFORDABLE Buying a wedding album online gives you the best of both worlds, combining


When I fantasize of love and romance I generally associate these thoughts with food and Paris. Here at T&H we all seem to share that notion, so we’ve based these easy go-to hairstyles for a wedding on our favorite Parisian pastries. Whether you’re a bridesmaid, maid of honor or just an attendee, these delectable hairstyles will get you through the night and take only minutes to perform. Bon appetite! THE CROISSANT This easy go-to hairstyle may look the most complicated but is actually the easiest trick in the coiffe cookbook! It’s great to start with curled/wavy hair, and is an even more awesome way to curl wet hair without heat. Grab a decorative hairband with elastic and place it on your head like a crown for the princess you are. Begin tucking the hair into the band, rolling as you go. This does not have to be neat! Just shove it on in there until all of the hair is in a perfectly imperfect croissant like structure. Pin where the hair roll meets the head to secure


Paperlust loves to support Aussie talent and thrives on partnerships with independent local artists. We have collaborated with Richmond local artist Sarulean Blue (Sarah McKenzie) to create a wedding invitation set and a gorgeous baby shower invites featuring Sarah’s wonderful illustrations. ABOUT SARULEAN (SARAH MCKENZIE) Sarulean Blue started as a meaningful way to bless friends and family by creating custom artworks for them, but has grown into a business that serves a wider community, including online. Sarulean Blue not only creates animal family portraits on request from customers but also designs for wedding stationery and illustrations for children’s books. Behind Sarulean Blue is Sarah McKenzie, an Australian artist with Chinese heritage. She felt endlessly inspired by the fictional worlds experienced through novels and children’s literature and her work has often been compared to Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit series. This inspiration and encouragement prompt