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Wondering how to word your wedding invitations



  Instead of the traditional invitation, some couples prefer to write an invitation letter. There are different reasons to choose this option and it doesn’t necessarily have to be sent to every wedding guest. Below we give some tips on format and have even provided a sample wedding invitation letter for you to follow, should you choose this option. How to write a wedding invitation letter is probably easier than you think!   WHY CHOOSE AN INVITATION LETTER? An invitation letter for your wedding might not seem much different from a normal invitation, so why bother? For starters, it’s a great way to stand out from other  wedding invitations . Wedding invitation letters are at the same time more formal and more personal than normal invitations. With the internet takeover, it’s very rare for most people to receive anything in the mail other than junk or a bill, so a letter really adds to the significance of this occasion. A wedding letter of invitation can also be more personal because the

Wedding Day Card For Parents


6 Free Cricut Wedding Invitations SVG Templates - DOMESTIC HEIGHTS