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Instead of the traditional invitation, some couples prefer to write an invitation letter. There are different reasons to choose this option and it doesn’t necessarily have to be sent to every wedding guest. Below we give some tips on format and have even provided a sample wedding invitation letter for you to follow, should you choose this option. How to write a wedding invitation letter is probably easier than you think!



An invitation letter for your wedding might not seem much different from a normal invitation, so why bother? For starters, it’s a great way to stand out from other wedding invitations. Wedding invitation letters are at the same time more formal and more personal than normal invitations. With the internet takeover, it’s very rare for most people to receive anything in the mail other than junk or a bill, so a letter really adds to the significance of this occasion.

A wedding letter of invitation can also be more personal because there is more room to express yourself. Whether you are the couple getting married or parents hosting a wedding, feel free express in well-crafted words how pleased you are at the union and how truly important each guest’s attendance is to you. Traditional invitations favour brevity for the sake of the design’s aesthetic but a letter allows you to express more of your heart about this huge life event.



If you are interested in the idea of invitation letters but aren’t so sure you want to send it to your whole guest list, you can choose to send a letter to a select few (i.e. grandparents, lifelong friends of bridal parents). This singles people out, making them feel special, which can be important during a wedding season where emotions are running high. As much as you try to avoid offending anyone in the wedding process, it does happen, so this invitation letter can be a way of being on the front foot with relatives etc who are likely to be easily offended. Love the idea of a personal and formal letter with calligraphy on the envelopes? Go nuts and send one out to your whole guest list!



Of course you can do whatever pleases you, but traditionally the wedding invitation letter format would consist of the details of both sender and recipient (respectively), followed by the date and a formal greeting, the body of the letter and a warm but formal sign off at the end followed by a signature. The tone should be polite and formal, signalling the auspicious nature of the occasion, but not overly stiff. Ensure that you include all necessary information, including details, as the length of a letter can accommodate these without needing a separate card. If you are sending an invitation letter, it is not necessary to also send a regular invitation.



We thought that the best way to make things plain is a wedding invitation letter sample, which we have provided below: cheap formal dresses

Dr Justin & Mrs Allegra Cole
4 Applegate Grove
Toorak VIC

Thursday 28th of February 2019

Mr Pradeep & Bela Patel 
16 Terranova Court 
Point Cook VIC

Subject: Wedding Invitation Letter

Dear Mr and Mrs Patel,

Our daughter Ella has found her perfect match in her fiancé Logan and we are truly excited to welcome him into our family. It greatly pleases us to invite you to take part in the celebration of their marriage on Saturday the 25th of May 2019. Both the ceremony and reception will be located at Emu Bottom Homestead at Homestead Way, Sunbury VIC 3429.

The ceremony will be held in the garden at 3.30pm followed by roaming canapes and champagne as the bridal party have their photos taken from 4.30pm to 6pm. We would like all guests gathered in the Wool Shed by 6pm to receive the bridal couple and their party at approximately 6pm.

A three course meal will be served followed by speeches, dancing and cake. The honour of your presence is more than enough but if you would like to bless the happy couple, Ella and Logan have created an online registry at that also includes a wishing well.

Thank you for your kind consideration and we request that you return a reply including names of guests attending and any dietary requirements by Wednesday the 1st of May 2019. We have included an RSVP card and a stamped envelope for your convenience.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

Justin and Allegra Cole




A wedding invitation letter has a variety of purposes and can be adapted from the sample that we provided. For an informal wedding, feel free to make the letter more casual and personal, with a joke or two added in. Equipped with this information, we hope that you feel confident enough to write a wedding invitation letter that will both impress your guests and warm their hearts.


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