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  This is one of the questions we get asked all the time at Paperlust so here is your definitive guide to how to stuff  wedding invitations  in the right order, or as we like to call it “how to stuff wedding invitations”.  formal dresses online The general rule for putting wedding stationery together is to assemble your  invitations  in order of size. As the invitation will be the largest card, all enclosure cards should be stacked neatly on top. RSVP or reply cards should be placed face up under the flap of the return envelope, do not put it inside the envelope! The envelopes should be addressed (to you and your fiance) and postage should already be applied. The invitation needs to be placed into the envelope facing up so that the text on the main invitation is legible when removed by the recipient. In olden times is was generally thought that the invitation should be orientated so that a right hander removing the invitation would be presented with it facing up, however this is no lon

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Rustic and Woodland Watercolor Wedding Invitation: Lake Tahoe



  The ring is on the finger, the date has been set, the venue is booked and your wedding planning is underway, now it’s time to get your guests in the loop. The first thing to do is to officially announce the wedding date and what better way to do it then to send out a save the date card so your guests can mark out their calendars. Now, the question is, do you really need save-the-date cards? It really depends on different situations.  formal dresses for women Save the dates are usually sent out a couple of months after the engagement party and 6-12 months before the wedding date, you do not need to send out save the dates if you are planning an early wedding (say 3 months from engagement) as you should be sending out your wedding invitations by now! Other than that, is it proper wedding  etiquette to send out a save the date  to your guests. It is not only a wonderful way to allow your guests plenty of time to make arrangements to attend your special day, it’s also a peak into what yo