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The ring is on the finger, the date has been set, the venue is booked and your wedding planning is underway, now it’s time to get your guests in the loop. The first thing to do is to officially announce the wedding date and what better way to do it then to send out a save the date card so your guests can mark out their calendars. Now, the question is, do you really need save-the-date cards? It really depends on different situations. formal dresses for women

Save the dates are usually sent out a couple of months after the engagement party and 6-12 months before the wedding date, you do not need to send out save the dates if you are planning an early wedding (say 3 months from engagement) as you should be sending out your wedding invitations by now! Other than that, is it proper wedding etiquette to send out a save the date to your guests. It is not only a wonderful way to allow your guests plenty of time to make arrangements to attend your special day, it’s also a peak into what your wedding style would be like and what your guests may expect.

The other reason why some to-be-married couples question whether or not save the date cards are necessary is due to budget, I mean, afterall all the information is going to be on the wedding invitations themselves. Not to worry, for those who can’t have a save-the-date card due to cost, there are plenty of other ways to still have it and not make a dent in your wedding budget.


Get a free save the date template online
There are plenty of designs websites that will offer free save the date templates online for you  to download and print, or simply download and send. The free ones are typically a bit more simpler in design terms and you will be limited to what you can and can’t do and there are plenty of pros and cons if you go choose these options.


  • Free of any design fees
  • Usually easy to use and comes with instructions most of the time
  • Plenty of options online (Can also be a con)


  • Can be seen as less formal and tacky
  • Might get lost in junkmail
  • Not a good idea to send to someone who is not computer savvy
  • If you are printing this, the quality may not be as good as it looks on screen


Get an Electronic save the date card
There is also never harm in asking a wedding stationer whether they can do a digital version of their save the dates. Paperlust as well as plenty of other wedding stationary vendors offer a digital version of their save the date design for a small fee. Once you have your finalized electronic save the date card, you can then send them out using email or text messaging (yay no postage cost), sending your save the dates out with this method is also more environmentally friendly.


Designing your own save the date cards
This doesn’t mean you have to be or know a designer, there are many online tutorials that teach you how to create beautiful designs using save the date clip arts, font types and programmes to put them together. We also covered some cool crafty ways to save the date in this article.


What to watch out for when creating your very own save the date cards:

Do use high quality save the date pngs
There will be plenty of free illustrations or calligraphy clip arts offered online and these can usually be fine to use if you are only sending your save the date electronically.

However if you are printing, you will want to ensure that the save the date image is at least 240dpi to 300dpi or if you have no option to do this, the image size will give you an idea of the quality, anything under 1mb will generally mean it’s not going to print well.

Do get a sample printed
If you are printing with a local printer, get a test print done to save you from having to readjust and reprint all your cards,  you will be able to check the color, the size of the fonts and the quality.

Do get good quality paper
If you choose to print, get paper stock that is at least 250gsm so that your card will have some weight and do not feel too flimsy.

Do not download random images
Firstly, most images found online are compressed for screen and usually do not print well. There is also a chance if you download from an unknown source you may get a hidden virus. Secondly, there are some images online that have copyright and it’s license is particular for certain functions. It is best to look for save the date images that are vectors and pngs with transparent backgrounds. For best results, going to a trusted stock website to pay or get free clip art and images to guarantee quality.

Do not forget the important details
Focusing too much on the design, you may get carried away and forget that this is a wedding announcement! Be sure that the name of the couple, the date, location (optional) and other minor details such as the wedding website if you have one, are on the card!

Design your own stunning save the date cards using some save the date free clipart provided by Paperlust. Here are some free save the date images, free save the date pngs and free save the date clip arts that you are welcome to download and add to your very own card design: long sleeve formal dresses

Other design tips:

Like any project, research is always the best starting point. Download as many free save the date clip arts as you like and tidy them up via theme, there will be some that look great but do not suit your wedding theme and some aren’t as pretty by themselves but may look great when combined with other elements. Mix and match different save the date clip arts and different save the date images, bin the clip arts you do not like, make a few options and be sure to get your partner’s opinions!. Once you think you have the final design, sleep on it and take another look the following day, if you are still happy with the final outcome that’s when you know you’ve got your perfect save the date template!


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