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  The Paperlust team conducted an extensive research to bring you a comprehensive guide to the most important stationery trends of the year. From unique shapes and paper to various colour trends for your event stationery, we sum it up for you below   VELLUM DIE-CUT CARDS Choosing the right event stationery can be overwhelming with so many styles, print types and colour stocks on our website, (we know! It’s starting to get confusing for us too!) But it’s also one of the most exciting parts of organising that special day you’ve been dreaming of so we’re here to give you a bit of insight and inspiration on the latest trends for this year. If you’re loving the above image of our die-cut vellum paper (the half-arch transparent one) you’re on the right path to finding the most on-trend save the date. The ‘Framed’ design has been popular since it went live just 2 months ago! A  lot of people have been asking us if it comes in different colours and we’re working hard to add more print and pape

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